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Woof Woof

Our Dog's name is HONEY-

But Elias has always called her Woof Woof.

So naturally honey is also called "Woof Woof". Elias likes "Woof Woof" on everything he eats...his bread, his cereal, even his pancakes.

I have been a baking factory this week. I have enjoyed trying new recipes. This is my Cranberry loaf. Eric likes to use it for Sandwiches with left over turkey.

"Bebe Desus"

Elias LOVES his nativity. We set it up in early November just so he could play with it for a little extra time.
Well, this week I got out all of the other Nativity scenes. Naturally, they are now the preferred toy. He mixes and matches. Yesterday I found about 10 lambs all lined up on the shelf~ all very different looking lambs from different nativity sets. but lambs none the less.
Today was the nativity highlight though. Elias decided to make "bebe desus" cereal. I came into the living room to find. My new table runner covered in baby Jesus's and milk.

Life is an adventure! And so exciting through the eyes of a 2 year old. Every Christmas decoration is an exciting new toy. Good times.

Elias and the Deer

Here is a censored picture of the deer that I "harvested" last week. It was a medium sized 8 point (4x4) white tail. I was able to field dress him by myself after watching many YouTube videos about the process. I was a little nervous that I was going to be too grossed out, because I felt that way when watching the videos. But when it came down to the business, it went pretty smooth. We have grilled up some steaks and made some roasts and we've come to the conclusion that venison is the new black- we love it. I'm hooked, I'm going next year. A word about the grouse - it was excellent, it went very nice with my alfredo sauce.

I've also included a picture of Elias at the fire station wearing his batman cape that Grandma Castle made for him. He loves wearing it.

France and Switzerland

Paris, France
I loved spending time with my dear friends from childhood~

View of Eiffel from the top of Notre Dame~ The most photographed gargoyle in the world

Lussane, Switzerland
Heidi Shop~

Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire~ They tasted really good!

Berne, Switzerland

A fun little shop just outside Paris~

Here is a link to my dear friend Whitney's blog. She has posted many of our pictures from France.

While Heidi's away....

I have been busy at work and play. The paving project is something that I have been working on for a while. Last spring a student and I came up with a design and wrote a grant to get funding to build it. This fall I have been teaching a landscaping course and the students and I have been installing the design created last spring. After great work from the students and a few visits to the chiropractor it is finally coming together. So the weekend after most of the work was done I went grouse hunting and shot my first ruffed grouse. I haven't ate it yet but I'll let you know how it goes.


This is what Elias is going to be wearing this Halloween.

Enjoy this video:

Lambert the Sheepish Lion~

This is Elias's favorite book ever. We read it multiple times daily.
His favorite part is when the Mama sheep all start licking their babies to clean them~ at which point Elias turns around and proceeds to lick my cheek. I explain that people don't kiss/bathe with licks, we use lips to kiss and soap and water to bath. Doesn't help.

Second favorite part of the book ...the head butting. Yes, you guessed it. Elias loves to head butt now. All the other Lambs are doing it Mom...
Elias likes to head butt the other Lambs in the book and of course Mama and Papa are perfect targets...they are sitting ducks reading a book just waiting to be butted. Elias could really use a sib to play with...(which FYI we just signed on with LDS Family Services for adoption again. It is quite the long process and we are at the very beginning so no time soon)... And we are still hoping to get Juan up here to Minnesota.

Naturally Elias is going to be Lambert for Halloween. I will be gone on…

Happy Birthday Babe!

I am so glad you were born- because we belong together! I pulled these carrots from the garden Saturday and they reminded me of us!

For your Birthday I have made an alphabetized list of things that I love about you! Anyone else who reads on may puke...just a warning.

Artistic: You are a true designer. Your creative mind comes up with beautiful designs that please clients and provide for your family. Your paintings and drawings are works of art. I love the sketch of my playhouse you gave me for Christmas years ago. I cherish the work you make for me. You have gifted hands.

Buzzband: You are my Buzz and my very best friend. I would be lost with out you.

Creative: You are truly and artist! You have a beautiful creative mind. You’re the Cat’s pajamas.

Dream boy: You are my Alaskan dream come true! I love the exciting places and things we do together. You make life a dream. I say I want chickens, you build me a coop, I say I want to live in China, we move to China. I say I want …

Good Night, I love you!

You might think he blinked in this picture- no, he is just really cheesy when he smiles for the camera.
Tonight after stories Elias made sure he got all his hugs and kisses. Then he made sure that mom and dad hugged and kissed too. He pushed our faces together and said "I love you". We love you too Elias!

It has been a long time since I last blogged...Times flies by so quickly. We have been busy. Eric has been very busy teaching. He loves his job though. I just wish we could spend more time with him. I am hoping things slow down after the first year of teaching. Eric is also sponsoring 2 clubs on campus. The Horticulture Club, and the Turf Club. So we have been hosting back to school BBQ's at our house the past few days. Elias loves all the people around.

I have been making Salsa, Tomato Sauce, and bread.
I have also started Teaching Yoga- and I LOVE it. I like it much more than teaching aerobics. It is just a better fit for me. Plus, I lacked the rhythm or mem…

Visit from Grandma and Gramps!

It was so wonderful to have visitors in the Northland! Eric and his Dad went on a canoe fishing adventure for 4 days-

Lest you think Eric smashed his finger on a rock...

He was actually bit by a snapping turtle...he claims it was "gigantic"- see for yourself. : ) Pretty big, but does resemble a rock of sorts.

Elias, Grandma and I stayed home and played...we sewed, shopped, canned fruit, and went on bike rides! It was a great

And when the big boys got home we ate lots of Phish!

Garden Bounty-

I love vegetables. I love watching them grow. I love gardens. I love eating from them.

Meet our new fish...or "dish" as Elias calls him.
He has white translucent skin that sparkles in the sun, dark black eyes. He lives in our kitchen window and hides under the cover of the foliage in his bowl. I cut my finger while slicing veggies yesterday and a drop of blood got in his bowl- he went crazy swimming for it. So Naturally, his name is Edward. Did I mention that he is the most hansom fish I have ever seen?

Elias loves to catch the chickens and give them hugs. He puts them in the coop for me. He is a boy after his mothers heart. I love him so much.


GO Twins!

Elias and I tagged along with Eric to buisness meetings in the "Twin" Cities for the week...We rode the light rail...Elias is obsessed with Trains. He was a little scared in this pic- the train was pretty loud.

We went to the Mall of America...a little overwhelming to us both. Elias loved Lego world and the Nicolodean theme park.

...I preferred Ikea

These are a Few of My Favoite Things

The County Fair

I LOVE going to the fair. I am totally a farm girl at heart. I love the ducks, horses, chickens, and most of all the Cows. I have always wanted to milk a cow. Every year we go to the Fair and I say "this is my year". I have had luck with milking goats. But this year I got a real treat, that's right. A big Heifer- totally engorged. It was so awesome. I totally milked her. I smiled for the rest of the day.

I am really enjoying Minnesota. We have a local organic garden that I am in love with and I get all my produce there. I also am able to buy farm fresh milk from a near by farm. I let the cream settle to the top of the jar and make my own butter. It is sooo good. Mmm mmm. With my fresh chicken eggs I am really in heaven.

Who Knew little kid rides were this much fun? It was so fun to see Elias get excited about the rides.

We camped out Friday night after going to the Fair- then Saturday we went to a Strawberry farm and picked and ate. We came h…

Boundary Waters and Walnut Grove, MN

Juan and Eric went on a canoe trip to the Boundary waters of Minnesota. They had a great time. We drove Juan back to Kansas this week. It was sad, but it was a good, good bye. We know the family he is living with and they are great. We have been blessed to have Juan in our home for this last year.

To see more pictures from this trip click here

Also, I have been reading the Little House on the Prairie Series by Laura Ingalls Wilder. I am a bit obsessed. I have loved this series for years, but reading it again with Juan has really been fun. We visited two of her homesteads on our way to Kansas this week. DeSmet, SD and Walnut Grove, MN. I LOVED taking it all in. Elias loved the animals. He rode a horse and thought he was pretty cool.

So, my next chicken is going to be named Laura. : )

Click here for more pictures of the Ingalls Homestead

Juan's Baptism

Juan is a delightful and kind boy. We are lucky to have him in our home and in our lives. His Baptism was a sweet occasion.

We are settling in up North in Crookston, Minnesota. The summer weather is beautiful nice and cool compared to hot, hot, humid Kansas (although I still love Kansas). North Minnesota has summer weather quite similar to Alaska. I have been reflecting on Alaska lately. Alaska is still my dreamland and feeling like I am there again has been exciting to me.

Poo poo on the Potty!!

It is a day to celebrate! Elias asked to go potty and he really did go...on the toilet!!
Happy Day! Who knew poopies could be so great?

Happy Birthday Juan!

Juan turns 11 today!
Baloon Toss! Con Agua : )


Juan had his last Orchestra Concert today...He did fantastic!

We made cupcakes for Juan's class last night...After all, it is Mustache May!

Elias attended a pre-school for 3 days this week held at Eisenhower Middle School (where I taught for the last 4 years). He had a ball. The middle school child development class put it on and the girls totally doted on Elias...he loved all the attention.

Okay, Grandpa Lamb take a good look at this little wooden kitchen set....cause we want it! Preferable made out of recycled wood. Love you Pops! Elias LOVED it!

Mother's Day and more...

Juan wrote me a poem for Mothers Day...

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
You are more better than the Roses

I love it! I smile every time I think about it.

Juan knew I wanted an egg box- for our endless eggs... I had been shopping for one and he suprised me by building this one.
He painted it the same color as his "Pine Wood Derby" Car. I helped him sand it and stain it for the distressed look I wanted. He is a Sweet heart. I will cherish it forever.

Eric and his good friend Earl (aka Earl the Girl) rode a Metric century Saturday for CASA- Court Appointed Special Advocate. A Great program that helps many of the kids we have in foster care. It was a fun and easy. I just sat back at the park and ate sun chips and the next thing I knew Eric was back...

Is this the most dicusting thing you have ever seen? Poor Elias had to sit there for 10 minutes (or what seemed like 10 minutes) while Eric fastened his bike to the roof. Just thought you all needed to endure that for a momen…