17 October, 2008

Lambert the Sheepish Lion~

This is Elias's favorite book ever. We read it multiple times daily.
His favorite part is when the Mama sheep all start licking their babies to clean them~ at which point Elias turns around and proceeds to lick my cheek. I explain that people don't kiss/bathe with licks, we use lips to kiss and soap and water to bath. Doesn't help.

Second favorite part of the book ...the head butting. Yes, you guessed it. Elias loves to head butt now. All the other Lambs are doing it Mom...
Elias likes to head butt the other Lambs in the book and of course Mama and Papa are perfect targets...they are sitting ducks reading a book just waiting to be butted. Elias could really use a sib to play with...(which FYI we just signed on with LDS Family Services for adoption again. It is quite the long process and we are at the very beginning so no time soon)... And we are still hoping to get Juan up here to Minnesota.

Naturally Elias is going to be Lambert for Halloween. I will be gone on the 31st ~ so we will have a Mommy Halloween this week...
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