25 August, 2008

Visit from Grandma and Gramps!

It was so wonderful to have visitors in the Northland! Eric and his Dad went on a canoe fishing adventure for 4 days-

Lest you think Eric smashed his finger on a rock...

He was actually bit by a snapping turtle...he claims it was "gigantic"- see for yourself. : ) Pretty big, but does resemble a rock of sorts.

Elias, Grandma and I stayed home and played...we sewed, shopped, canned fruit, and went on bike rides! It was a great

And when the big boys got home we ate lots of Phish!

12 August, 2008

Garden Bounty-

I love vegetables. I love watching them grow. I love gardens. I love eating from them.

Meet our new fish...or "dish" as Elias calls him.
He has white translucent skin that sparkles in the sun, dark black eyes. He lives in our kitchen window and hides under the cover of the foliage in his bowl. I cut my finger while slicing veggies yesterday and a drop of blood got in his bowl- he went crazy swimming for it. So Naturally, his name is Edward. Did I mention that he is the most hansom fish I have ever seen?

Elias loves to catch the chickens and give them hugs. He puts them in the coop for me. He is a boy after his mothers heart. I love him so much.

06 August, 2008


GO Twins!

Elias and I tagged along with Eric to buisness meetings in the "Twin" Cities for the week...We rode the light rail...Elias is obsessed with Trains. He was a little scared in this pic- the train was pretty loud.

We went to the Mall of America...a little overwhelming to us both. Elias loved Lego world and the Nicolodean theme park.

...I preferred Ikea

Happy Thanksgiving~