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Amish Country~

I absolutely LOVE spending time at the Amish farms in the area.  What fascinating, hard working, people who live so sustainably.  I learn much from every visit.  I  milk cows with them (by hand) every month.  They milk twice daily.  5:30 am and 5:30pm.
I love being connected to my food source and spending time on the farm away from computers, cell phones etc...

  The Amish here in Minnesota are a more conservative branch.  They use only wood to heat their houses, no gas, absolutely no electricity.  So even in the summer they heat up the wood burning stove for baking, canning and heating water for dishes or laundry.  I never complain about house work after a visit to the Amish.

I have become friends with Hannah, 33, who is expecting her 8th child in November.  Hannah was not born Amish, her parents converted when she was 4 years old.  She and her husband William have 5 boys living, sadly they lost twin boys a few years back.  Incredible people.

In June their milk barn burned down. T…

August in Minnesota~


Children's Garden Class~ Crookston, MN