26 January, 2008

Christmas 2007

Juanito- Such a delightful boy!!!

First time in serious snow

Christmas Eve

Elias with his new truck and baby doll Christmas Morning

Ummm.... Uncle Jake, who was also excited about his new toys.

04 January, 2008

Top 10 in 2007

10 Ten hour road trip thru Yellowstone Park with my cousin’s from Spain- Now I REALLY want to move to Spain

9 Nine boy scouts in Eric’s Troop- He really enjoys being the Scout Master

8 Eight hens-a-laying! Susan B. Anthony, Sacagawea, Rosa Parks, Eleanor Roosevelt, Amelia Earhart, Anne Frank, Hilary and Oprah live in our back yard and lay wonderful fresh eggs for us daily - I LOVE my pet chickens!

7 Seven warm days in the Dominican Republic with Eric’s Family- It was a great vacation and we got to see where Jake served his mission

6 Six foster children lived in our home this year: Maria, Michael, Christina, Juan, Susanna and Shareena - We love getting to know these kids and their families

5 Five hundred new tricks performed by Elias- We Love watching him grow and discover. He is a biker and a reader- a total “I can do it myself man”

4 Four years in Kansas! A wonderful place to live

3 Three ½ Marathons Plus one DAM Marathon (the Teton Dam Marathon that is) 26.2 miles Ran by Heidi

2 Too Many Great Friends and Family members to count! We are blessed with wonderful people in our lives! Like you!
And the #1 highlight!!

1 One Little boy adopted and sealed to his family forever – Elias Jay Lamb Castle
Peace on Earth!

Happy Thanksgiving~