25 May, 2015

Back to Alaska, 2015

An Alaskan Cruise in May.... Burrrr!  Acutally the weather was uncannily warm.  As we left Juneau it was 80 degrees.  

Eric helped us spot lots of whales.... Elias also loved to help spot those amazing mammals.

Awww... It dosn't get better than crusing with these two boys.  

Ruby Catherine LOVES her "strimp".  She ate 25 of those little guys.... in one sitting.

Doc McStuffins meets the real Doctor-  Dr. Ruby Catherine.

Boy does this mama love her Jr. Ranger hiking companion.

Skagway is my favorite place to hike- in the world.  :)

Skagway, Alaska

Skagway, Alaska

A day in Juneau-  Mendenhall Glacier

Good bye Breakfast with Goofy~

It was an amazing week on the Disney Wonder.  Hoping  for the same next year.  :)

12 May, 2015

Highway Clean up

This new chapter in life is bleak in many ways.  We miss our girl.  Life continues.
We work to honor her,  afterall she wants us to be happy.

My Loyal Friend

What is this thing we call death? Our soul departing-  but where does it go? And how do we get answers? You were here… and now you are...