19 August, 2012

Summer Vacation~

Ahhh....  Idaho,  I've missed you.  
Elias enjoying our favorite Henry Weinards Root beer.

A nice trip throgh Medora

01 August, 2012

New Jersey Friends in Idaho

So much fun at the Devaney's home! 

Grandpa's Lamb's Gigantic Garden

We had a very fun photo shoot with Alison White~

Our dear chicken Rosa Parks- who is OLDER than Elias.
Over 6 years old.  We love her

Uncle Brandon is a little aftaid of Rosa- so Elias showed him how to hold her.

We love Uncle Brandon.

My Loyal Friend

What is this thing we call death? Our soul departing-  but where does it go? And how do we get answers? You were here… and now you are...