30 October, 2007

Elias's First Bike

We found this little bike at a garage sale about a month ago- It is his favorite thing. It is hard to get him off of it.

28 October, 2007

Big Boy Brusher

I was so proud watching Elias brush his teeth all by himself today. I had a big proud mama smile- Then he walked over to my make-up drawer and spit in it : 0

Eric's Famous Vegetarian Chili

This is ERic's 3rd batch this Fall- I love it! It warms the belly on these cool Fall dayz. Delish!

26 October, 2007

Welcome Susana

Susana is from Guatemala. She moved in to our house yesterday. She is a sweet and quiet 15 year old. She has only been in the US since June- and just came into foster care yesterday. We are glad to have her in our home.

Pumpkin Carving

Eric's is the circle eyes and mouth.
Susana's is the Green pumpkin.
And Juan's is the one in front.

The Pumpkin Ranch

No School Friday! We played at the Farmers market, went on a hay ride, and picked pumpkins. : )
We got 2 new Chickens Too! I need help naming them. I will post pictures asap.

23 October, 2007

Bed Time Fun with Dad

I took the night off and Eric played with Elias, who has been extra cranky and tired lately while fighting a cold. Why is Dad so much more fun than Mom? Hmmm.

12 October, 2007

San Francisco

We had some fun adventures in San Francisco. Juan is now fascinated with airplanes. Any paper scrap he can find is folded into a paper airplane.

Happy Thanksgiving~