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We're back in Minnesota! After months of house hunting and still living in our trailer, Eric and I walked into a home we love.  We loved it so much we didn’t want to leave.  It is right by University of North Dakota in Grand Forks. We scheduled a 2nd showing.  And before we could go inside we decided to take the kids by to look at the yard.  The owners were home, so I knocked to see if it would be okay to take a peek in the back yard.   The owners are a recently retired professor couple.  Carl answered the door.
We visited a bit, and he invited us inside.  Again we loved the home… and our kids loved their cat! We talked for sometime.  And when we were leaving I asked “Carl, what is your last name?” “Barrentine”, he replied.
“I know a Barrentine”.
Carl looked at me quizzically.  “There are not many Barrentines”, he said.
“She was my first grade teacher back in Idaho”.
A moment of silence passed.
Carl's kind eyes became serious as he looked right into mine and asked, “Did you go…