19 May, 2011

My Back Yardigans

A Mother's treasure~  Not only is he the sweetest boy I know,
but he is picking the dandelions  from my yard just for me,
because  he knows I love flowers.  I love Elias!

Robin's nest at our door~

2 hours to remove the braids, boy was she happy when I was done!

Spa Day,  relaxing after a scalp massage and shampoo

Hanging out at the ball game with our buddy Katelyn~

16 May, 2011

Frogs, and Snakes, and Mushrooms! . . . Oh My!

We got a bag full of loot there!  Lots of  Morels to enjoy!
I took them home washed, dehydrated and froze them...the ones we didn't eat fresh!.

Our good friend and  a top yoga student of mine,   Ken Longtin,  with his awesome 1949 Chevy truck~
We had a great time out by the lake and playing in the woods Saturday.

Elias in our TOP SECRET Morel mushroom hunting place.
My lips are sealed...don't even ask.
Notice the special  bag , these are used so the spores can drop and generate more mushrooms.  

Showing off one of his great finds...Delish!

We took a drive out on the south 40 acers and found FROGS, SNAKES, and  more MORELS!  

08 May, 2011

Mother’s Day 2011

To the birth mothers of my children:

Sade Catherine  (Ruby's birth mom) holding new baby Ruby Catherine

Sade,  thanks for letting me share this, I look forward to the day  we get to
see you in person again.  I love you, I thank you.
Have I ever told you how beautiful you are?

I honor you, your sacrifice
Your love and gift has changed my life
I thank you and God every day
I pray I can show them the way

I promise to teach honor toward you
Often I tell your story true
He knows in his heart of the love you share
She knows of the months of sacrifice and care

I know sometimes this life is rough,
Can I ever thank you enough?
A part of you will always live
The part you so kindly chose to give

And sometimes late at night
I go to his room and hold him tight
I snuggle her while she sleeps
And whisper of the love you keep

Every day I see in the eyes of a child
The light of your love quiet and mild
And I ask myself...
Where would I be what would I do?
If I didn’t have my little two…
~Heidi Lamb Castle

Alex, Elias's birth mom holding Elias on our recent visit to Utah.

Thank you Alex for your love.  I love you, I thank you.  Hope to see you soon.

Nana-Bug holding Elias and Ruby

And Birth Grand Moms too!  We love you Nana bug
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
God Bless you.
Love, Heidi

07 May, 2011

Bee Keeping 101

I am so excited to be learning all about bees.  I have had a long time interest in bee keeping and started learning some back when we lived in Kansas.  As of late, my friend and favorite farmer Mike Klawitter has been kind enough to show me how things are done, and so I am enrolled in Mike's Bee keeping 101~
My mentor and teacher of may things ~  Mike Klawitter,  Farmer  Extraordinar 
We spent a good amount of time cleaning and preparing the hives (aka supers)

Ready for Bee Action~

After spraying the bees down with sugar water we shook them up
 and  poured  them into  the supers.
We had over 18,000 bees per super.  Wowsers. It was awesome. 

On the drive back home  we got stuck in the mud and had to get the tractor  to pull us out.  It was  pretty cool.

To top off the day when we got back to the barn a
Ewe had just delivered TRIPLETTS!  3 baby lambs.  
Today was a good day.

03 May, 2011

Easter Eggs and Baby Chicks ~

Ruby loves the new adventure of being outside!

We waited patiently for 3 weeks, turning the eggs every 6 hours.
And now we are enjoying sweet baby chicks~  Hatched 30  April and 01 May
Easter Egg coloring...  These ones won't hatch...

Friends came for Easter Dinner

More friends on Easter~
Chap Jae, beginings~    Mmmm... My favorite Korean dish.Eric makes it best.

University Park Bear- Dead

"I killed a bear today Oh What a man am I! We the experts knew just what to do When the bear did not comply." "...