16 May, 2011

Frogs, and Snakes, and Mushrooms! . . . Oh My!

We got a bag full of loot there!  Lots of  Morels to enjoy!
I took them home washed, dehydrated and froze them...the ones we didn't eat fresh!.

Our good friend and  a top yoga student of mine,   Ken Longtin,  with his awesome 1949 Chevy truck~
We had a great time out by the lake and playing in the woods Saturday.

Elias in our TOP SECRET Morel mushroom hunting place.
My lips are sealed...don't even ask.
Notice the special  bag , these are used so the spores can drop and generate more mushrooms.  

Showing off one of his great finds...Delish!

We took a drive out on the south 40 acers and found FROGS, SNAKES, and  more MORELS!  

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