07 May, 2011

Bee Keeping 101

I am so excited to be learning all about bees.  I have had a long time interest in bee keeping and started learning some back when we lived in Kansas.  As of late, my friend and favorite farmer Mike Klawitter has been kind enough to show me how things are done, and so I am enrolled in Mike's Bee keeping 101~
My mentor and teacher of may things ~  Mike Klawitter,  Farmer  Extraordinar 
We spent a good amount of time cleaning and preparing the hives (aka supers)

Ready for Bee Action~

After spraying the bees down with sugar water we shook them up
 and  poured  them into  the supers.
We had over 18,000 bees per super.  Wowsers. It was awesome. 

On the drive back home  we got stuck in the mud and had to get the tractor  to pull us out.  It was  pretty cool.

To top off the day when we got back to the barn a
Ewe had just delivered TRIPLETTS!  3 baby lambs.  
Today was a good day.
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