29 June, 2016

Good bye Sticks and Bricks.... Hello USA, Canada & Mexico

29 June 2016  Our last full day at home.
For the next 14 months we will be living in our Fifth Wheel - Bunkhouse Trailer seeing the USA (and a little Mexico).  The great Yoga tour-  or as Eric says The great X-wing tour.  The truth is that it is a sabbatical for research.  Eric will be compiling his research and writing most of the year.  I enjoy helping with data collection and I might help with some of the data analysis...  Might.

I love traveling and I love seeing new places, yet, it is a bit of an emotional good bye.  I am closing a chapter of my life that I will not experience again.  I am working to center myself and live in the moment, enjoy the beauty that surrounds me right now.

Our old home and our new home.
We have rented out our house- sold much of our stuff, and stored some things too.  I am becoming a minimalist, so tiny living really intrigues me.  I plan to post every Thursday.  Stay tuned.

23 June, 2016

Portrait of Mama

Art by Ruby Catherine
Ruby Catherine drew this lovely picture of me... when she gave it to me she pointed out that she too is in the picture (lower left).

"Mom, this is me, I'm growing in your heart."

I love this girl.  She continues to grow in my heart everyday.

University Park Bear- Dead

"I killed a bear today Oh What a man am I! We the experts knew just what to do When the bear did not comply." "...