29 June, 2016

Good bye Sticks and Bricks.... Hello USA, Canada & Mexico

29 June 2016  Our last full day at home.
For the next 14 months we will be living in our Fifth Wheel - Bunkhouse Trailer seeing the USA (and a little Mexico).  The great Yoga tour-  or as Eric says The great X-wing tour.  The truth is that it is a sabbatical for research.  Eric will be compiling his research and writing most of the year.  I enjoy helping with data collection and I might help with some of the data analysis...  Might.

I love traveling and I love seeing new places, yet, it is a bit of an emotional good bye.  I am closing a chapter of my life that I will not experience again.  I am working to center myself and live in the moment, enjoy the beauty that surrounds me right now.

Our old home and our new home.
We have rented out our house- sold much of our stuff, and stored some things too.  I am becoming a minimalist, so tiny living really intrigues me.  I plan to post every Thursday.  Stay tuned.

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