28 November, 2007

Like Father Like Son-

This is Elias on his changing table getting a clean diaper. He likes to flag all of the books he owns. Eric takes a book into the bathroom to read every night. Gross I know. Thus the -Like Father like son.

23 November, 2007

Thankful For...

A heart full of gratitude is a happy heart. We like to count our blessings...especially at Thanksgiving.

Our home that shelters us and keeps us warm.

Eric's Fudgey Pecan Pie~ Delish!

A Daddy who likes to Cuddle with Grover

The funnest Nativity Ever! From Grandma Wendy : )

And most of all we are Thankful for Baby Jesus~ The reason for this Grand Season!

20 November, 2007

My Little Carhartt Man

Every time he goes outside the bike (like a magnet) pulls him in-

I was holding our cat Noah the other day and Elias wanted in on the action. He loves the cats so much.
When ever Eric and I hug he does the same thing- he wants to hug us. So now we do the Baby sandwich hug with Elias in the middle.

10 November, 2007

Quiero Cake!

Welcome to our Spanglish Family!
Elias is begging for a bite of Juan's Cake...look at his eyes totally focused on the cake.

Every bite Juan takes Elias thinks is coming to him.

But it just keeps passing him by...


And Again...

Thank goodness for Pa! (All mom does is stand around and take pictures).

04 November, 2007

Twin Ghosts

Boo #1 Boo #2
Matthew and Connor and their family came to our ward Halloween party. I love those little ghosts. It is so fun to see them.
It is also funny because Elias totally gets jealous. Apparently I make a big fuss over them. Elias will push them out of the way and hold me in his arms.

Meet Oprah

Meet our new Hen Oprah- Isn't she beautiful! Her feathers have a blue iridescent color but on her breast the feathers have orange undertones.

This is Rosa Parks- The dark red hen in front. We call her Rosie. She is the one who killed Ann Frank earlier this year.

Susan B. Anthony- Suzie is my favorite hen. She follows me around the yard when ever I let her out. She loves to be held. And she is a regular layer. : )

Amelia Earhart (below)was so appropriately named. She is a flyer and an explorer. We often find her in the neighbors yard. And once found her 2 blocks away scratching and pecking.

Hilary- (below) I love the splash of color she adds to the flock.

Sacajawea is molting right now- I will post pics of her and Elanor later.

Come what May...

03 May 2014 The light was pouring in Angels by my side Stillness in the air. I gazed down on her peaceful sleep. for what see...