04 November, 2007

Meet Oprah

Meet our new Hen Oprah- Isn't she beautiful! Her feathers have a blue iridescent color but on her breast the feathers have orange undertones.

This is Rosa Parks- The dark red hen in front. We call her Rosie. She is the one who killed Ann Frank earlier this year.

Susan B. Anthony- Suzie is my favorite hen. She follows me around the yard when ever I let her out. She loves to be held. And she is a regular layer. : )

Amelia Earhart (below)was so appropriately named. She is a flyer and an explorer. We often find her in the neighbors yard. And once found her 2 blocks away scratching and pecking.

Hilary- (below) I love the splash of color she adds to the flock.

Sacajawea is molting right now- I will post pics of her and Elanor later.
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