27 February, 2012

A Visit to Detroit-

I love this family.

Sade is so beautiful.

They look so much alike.
I love how Ruby is holding Sade's face.

Here are my girls.    Ruby Catherine and Sade Catherine~

Thank you Sade.  We LOVED visiting you.  And we hope to see you again soon.  We love you!

Shout out to Aunt Janay in Detroit!  Thanks For looking at the blog!  We hope to meet you on out next visit.

03 February, 2012

Happy Birthday Nette!

Today Nette turns 20 years old!  No longer a teen...  We are so thankful for her friendship.  We love you Nette!  Happy Birthday!

Cheesecake with Mango, peaches, and strawberries~

Nette and Jesse, arch rivals, but down deep they are good buddies.

Ruby loves riding her car around the house.... she also loves to push Elias around on her car.

Elias entertains himself for hours with his Lincoln Logs

Hoar Frost makes everything Sparkle!

I took this photo in our back yard.  Photo's don't do the beauty justice... It is icy,  sparkly,  Exquisit.

Elias stands in front of his stick fort in the snow.
Jesse has really enjoyed his wrestling season.
He and Eric have had a few matches of their own.  

University Park Bear- Dead

"I killed a bear today Oh What a man am I! We the experts knew just what to do When the bear did not comply." "...