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Love is All that Matters

 It is hard to believe it has been nearly a year since my baby departed this life.   Some of you already know that last May was not the first time I lost Lizzy.  At this difficult time of year I am reflecting on the life of my sweet Lizzy.
I had looked for her… waited for her.  There was some cosmic connection between our spirits.  I knew she was coming even before she was born.  I knew she be in Minnesota. A birth mom connected with us.  I can only imagine the difficulty of that situation.  Trying to decide what is best for her child, trusting someone else enough to love, to truly and deeply love her child.   I thank God for the birth mothers in my life.  Each one of them made an incredible sacrifice to give life to the beautiful children that I mother.  I am the benefactor of their months of sacrifice, pain of birth, their labor of love. 
We nervously drove down to the cities to meetLizzyand her mother.  I held her. I held…