16 May, 2008

Happy Birthday Juan!

Juan turns 11 today!
Baloon Toss! Con Agua : )


Juan had his last Orchestra Concert today...He did fantastic!

We made cupcakes for Juan's class last night...After all, it is Mustache May!

Elias attended a pre-school for 3 days this week held at Eisenhower Middle School (where I taught for the last 4 years). He had a ball. The middle school child development class put it on and the girls totally doted on Elias...he loved all the attention.

Okay, Grandpa Lamb take a good look at this little wooden kitchen set....cause we want it! Preferable made out of recycled wood. Love you Pops! Elias LOVED it!

11 May, 2008

Mother's Day and more...

Juan wrote me a poem for Mothers Day...

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
You are more better than the Roses

I love it! I smile every time I think about it.

Juan knew I wanted an egg box- for our endless eggs... I had been shopping for one and he suprised me by building this one.
He painted it the same color as his "Pine Wood Derby" Car. I helped him sand it and stain it for the distressed look I wanted. He is a Sweet heart. I will cherish it forever.

Eric and his good friend Earl (aka Earl the Girl) rode a Metric century Saturday for CASA- Court Appointed Special Advocate. A Great program that helps many of the kids we have in foster care. It was a fun and easy. I just sat back at the park and ate sun chips and the next thing I knew Eric was back...

Is this the most dicusting thing you have ever seen? Poor Elias had to sit there for 10 minutes (or what seemed like 10 minutes) while Eric fastened his bike to the roof. Just thought you all needed to endure that for a moment.

Elias insists that Juan drive...

08 May, 2008

Juan's 4th Discussion

We are all enjoying having the missionaries around more often. They are great, and they love Juan. We all love Juan. He is truly the perfect kid. We are so lucky to have him in our home and we look forward to lifelong friendship with our sweet boy Juan.

01 May, 2008

Dodge City, Kansas aka Cowtown

We had a fun road trip to Dodge City Kansas. We took Honey and my good friend Dee along with us.

We attended a banquet and met the current Marshal of Dodge City. He is a total Cowboy. He even pulled out his guitar and sang "Home on the Range" for Juan (Kansas's State Song).

Juan's Self Portrait

We visited some historical sites in Dodge. We Loved learning about the real Wyatt Earp and his friends.

And the very best part of the trip was...

It was so wonderful to see her again. She lived with us from October 2007- Feb 2008. I still miss her so much. She is a sweet, beautiful girl!

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