24 December, 2013

The Lamb Castle 2013

‘Twas the week before Christmas a year ago
The gift of a lifetime on us bestowed
Our baby girl, came home to stay,
A family complete for Christmas Day

The new year brought Grandparents, Snow and play
Minnesota Winters are a bit drawn out by the way~

So when the snow lasted a little too long, 
Heidi’s brothers went to Grand Canyon; 
and took her along
12 days on the river, with Brandon and Bret
Hikes, artifacts, & rapids we all got wet.

After 5 years as president of Relief Society
Heidi partially managed to maintain sobriety.
But seriously, service is a blessing we’re grateful to give,
I enjoyed the years, the memories will live~

School got out at the end of May
About the time that Winter finally gave way.
Eric, Elias, Lalo and friends 
Enjoyed Boundary Waters; Nature without end
Too much fun in the the great outdoors
Boat wrecks, fishing, and board game scores

Next:  Bryce Canyon a Castle reunion
Spires, Hoo Doos, night hikes; family fusion

Nature is fun but can be danger~
Thank goodness Elias is a Jr Ranger.
Jr. Ranger is right at 6 parks by the way!
Mississippi, Yellowstone, Bryce, Custer, 
Itasca & Timp Cave

Idaho brought hiking, playing in the creek
Fun on the farm,  baby chicks peep, peep!
Lots of camping in Minnesota this summer
Our new-to-us sheep camp provided comfort and cover

Delightful family time at Winnipeg Folk Fest
Indigo girls, Josh Ritter, Avett Bros, at their best
Elizabeth’s a dancer we discovered quick
Elias and Ruby liked the crafts, creeks and sticks 

Back to school for Elias, 2nd grade is sublime
At home Ruby plays Hide and Seek for hours at a time
Eric does research, teaches, travels
He is our rock so we don’t come unraveled

St. Paul is home to Elizabeth’s temple
A forever family, transcendental

I enjoy teaching yoga and aim to be mindful.
Life keeps me grounded; I proceed with survival.

Ruby and Mom  on an Amish road trip 
Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia- buggy whip!

Wishing you Peace,Light & Joy in 2014  

Eric,Heidi, Elias, Elizabeth, & Ruby-Catherine

06 December, 2013

Night of Nativity

Wise people in North Dakota bundled up good for this -27 windchill event.  It was wonderful.

This has become a wonderful ward tradition- we love taking part in it.

04 December, 2013

03 December, 2013

Girls Day Out for Sushi and Fun

Ruby definitely enjoys Sushi (almost as much as her mom),  Yum!

Elizabeth enjoyed throwing the Sushi-  she's got a strong arm, what can I say?

02 December, 2013

Fun with Carol

The girls ALWAYS enjoy seeing Carol Simmons.   We are so glad to have her so close (in proximity and in our hearts).

01 December, 2013

Nursery at Church

This big girl is ready to graduate to Sunbeam class (and has been for a year now).

Bear Bum.

Elizabeth just began attending nursery.
She is starting to have more interactive play.  Love watching her explore.

Attitude.  Period.

Enrique Nacho Tigre Fernandez Castillo de Jesus

I love this cat.  So much.   He is our family therapist, our entertainment, and my mid-life motherhood fulfillment.  And he is naughty... ...