24 December, 2011

Christmas Eve

Ready for St. NIck?

Merry Christmas!  Still a regular day, Yes, that is an entire roll of TP in my toilet.

Decorating with Papa, the best part.
We had a great time this season doing the 12 days of Christmas for an older friend who lives alone.  Tonight we went caroling at his home and revealed ourselves as the secret santa.  He was moved and we were so happy we got to brighten his season a bit.

20 December, 2011

Christmas time fun...

Elias loves our new Nativity.  He rearranges it multiple times daily.

Elias was a reverent Shepard in our church's outdoor live nativity.  The whole family had a great time participating, the donkey and baby lambs were the highlight.

Preparing the ginger bread to bake~

This is Brandon, the Elf on the Shelf~  He comes to our house every year after Thanksgiving.  He watches us closely and then reports back to Santa Clause each night.  We are always on our best behavior around Brandon.  When he returns to our house each morning he finds a new spot to sit and watch us.  We have fun trying to find him every morning.  

Need sugar?

Ruby Catherine, ready to go outside~

She is such a happy girl.  What a delight!

06 December, 2011

November Happenings

Grandpa and Ruby.  Ruby adores Grandpa (I think the relationship is mutual).

Heidi and Cory in the hunting shack watching for deer.

Yes, they are so happy together~

We had a wonderful time when G&G visited!  They played and helped out SO much!

She has had enough kisses to last till she is 21

Elias and Katelyn reading stories 

Game time with the Christiansen Family

Fun at home

Ruby LOVES Jesse

My mom made a Wonderful Carrot cake for my Birthday

Nette and Jesse, arch rivals and best friends all rolled up in one 

My dad and I getting ready to go hunting

A wonderful birthday!

Maria was the 1st Place winner at our Pie Party's Ugly Sweater Contest.

Guy and Lindi~  LOVE the sweater!

Corky and Chris, another winning sweater~

Elias is very excited to start Tae Kwon Do~
We love ALL THINGS KOREAN at our house~

31 October, 2011

Halloween 2011

My favorite Cowboy~

Lady Bug and Little Red Riding Hood

Elias had friends come and decorate cookies for Halloween

Nette and Ruby

Elias, Nette and Ruby.  Nette carved pumpkins with the kids while
 Eric and I went on a date.

Ruby Bug~  I Love her so much.

Fighting Sue...  She is one mean gal.

18 October, 2011


So, f you wear your costume all month...Are you  still a cowboy on Halloween?
Ruby cuddling wth her birth-mother blanket~  We love you Sade!
Ruby and Sade have matching quilts so they can think of each other as they snuggle.
Thanks to my wonderful mother in law for making such beautiful and cuddly blankets

Back yard fun, we had some very warm days this October  86+

We are SO glad Nette is home in Crookston!
Go JESSE #52!   Jesse had a great season, he loves Football~

Eric got Birthday spanking...
we counted to 33 an lost track, so we ha to start over

Certified Organic Norland Reds make the best hash browns on earth

Fall in our front yard

Happy Birthday Jesse!

30 September, 2011

Fall is here~ Minnesota September

Big Boy Elias 5 and 1/2

Jesse #52  Enjoying Football season immensely. 

Autumn has arrived, Ruby loves being outside

Ruby baby is a little girl!

Ruby is finally getting patient with Nette and me doing her  hair~

Real puppy love
Raven and Ruby enjoying a nature walk on our field trip to Rydell

Ruby watches Elias build a "Fort of Logs"

Come what May...

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