20 January, 2013

Madison Elizabeth Castle

We love you!

Roger and Wendy were able to be here for Ruby's birthday and Lizzy's blessing.
It is so fun to have visitors.

17 January, 2013

Happy Birthday Ruby and Wendy!

Roger and Wendy arrived on January 17th - Ruby and Wendy's Birthday.

Happy Birthday Girls!

09 January, 2013

Birth Family Visit

Mason, Tiffany and Madison Elizabeth

Kimara and Ruby 

Dolores, Mason, Tiffany, Madison Elizabeth, Taliah, Kimari 

08 January, 2013

The Twin Cities-

We had a very fun week enjoying exotic food and fun in the Twin Cities-  Minneapolis- St. Paul
Elias and Mama enjoying some Real Mexican Food

03 January, 2013

My Girls

Ruby LOVES her new baby-
And is a little possessive.  She does not want anyone to take her away....
I find Ruby in the crib with Lizzy often.

My Loyal Friend

What is this thing we call death? Our soul departing-  but where does it go? And how do we get answers? You were here… and now you are...