31 July, 2013

Adoption Finalization Day!

I love these kids and this Dad more that life itself.   The Joy of my heart.
Olive Garden-  This is where we celebrate our Gotcha Day every year.  It started with Elias and turned into a tradition.
Happy Day for our family!  It has been a long rough road getting to this point.
It has taken a toll on all of us- including Lalo (back row right)
He has been a great support and big brother to the kids but especially Elizabeth.
We are thrilled to have Madison Elizabeth as part of our family. 

It is done!  Madison Elizabeth is officially a Castle.

Thanks to our witnesses for attending!
The Simmons, Heather Budge, and our great attorney and neighbor Stephanie Harbott.

27 July, 2013

Kids Canoe Trip

Guess who is busy walking, playing and into everything she can get her hands on?
Elizabeth is a squeaker and a squealer.  She makes lots of noise to keep us on our toes.  Her big brother and sister are pretty good helpers in keeping her entertained and happy (most of the time).   She is such a blessing and a delight.

 27 July 2013
We had a fun family canoe trip on Saturday.   We paddled from Gentilly, MN to Crookston, MN.  It took us a few hours.  We saw lots of wildlife- Bald Eagles, River Otters, Beavers, numerous birds, and also lots of live stock that ran down to the river shore to watch us go by.  

Elizabeth enjoying a nap on the boat~  Her hair is getting so long.
Look at those 2 puff puffs sticking out of her hat.  
It is Ruby Catherine's old hat- she had puffs also.

10 July, 2013

Winnipeg Folk Festivle

Dancin to some good tunes!  We enjoyed the Indigo Girls, Josh Ritter, Dan Bern, and lots more...

It was enough to wear us out.

Elias is in the Tie- Dye having a great time playing in the creek bottom.

I really enjoyed "Folk School" and helped Dan Bern on stage a bit too.

We loved the arts and crafts tent-  Heidi, Elias and Ruby made numerous art projects-
Elias's walking stick and necklace are some of the art.

Ruby love to join in the crowd-  I love her confidence!   The rest of us too tired- so Ruby just joined in by herself. 

I love these flower children

Elias was our stroller pusher-  He loved it.  We lost the handle to push it with- and so the lower bar is just his size.  What a great kid.

She is a little dancer! Loved dancing to the music at Folk Festivle.

Winnipeg Folk Festival was Fantastic!
It involved all of our favorite things, camping, biking, music, arts, Indian food...totally awesome event.

04 July, 2013

Happy 4th of July in Idaho

Pocatello Parade

Elias is a wonderful big brother-  He loves his sisters and looks after them.

Watching the Parade

Ready for nap time.  

Grandpa Lamb riding Elias's bike at the 4th of July BBQ

Elizabeth was having so much fun on the hammock...
but if anyone else tried to join her she threw a fit.  She wanted to be alone to enjoy her hammock time.  Grammy Lamby adores little Elizabeth dotes on her and gives her whatever she wants.  We wish we lived closer.

Sparklers and fun at the Homer's 

02 July, 2013

And Here We Have Idaho

Making ourselves right at home... I love this place.
This is the home I grew up in- It holds a very  special place in my heart.
Honey our wonderful dog loves Idaho too!  Especially my dad.  
Eric and I enjoyed a few early  morning hikes in Pocatello-
It was wonderful being in the mountains in the early morning with my favorite person.  

I love this guy A LOT.   And Honey is a pretty good dog too.

University Park Bear- Dead

"I killed a bear today Oh What a man am I! We the experts knew just what to do When the bear did not comply." "...