10 July, 2013

Winnipeg Folk Festivle

Dancin to some good tunes!  We enjoyed the Indigo Girls, Josh Ritter, Dan Bern, and lots more...

It was enough to wear us out.

Elias is in the Tie- Dye having a great time playing in the creek bottom.

I really enjoyed "Folk School" and helped Dan Bern on stage a bit too.

We loved the arts and crafts tent-  Heidi, Elias and Ruby made numerous art projects-
Elias's walking stick and necklace are some of the art.

Ruby love to join in the crowd-  I love her confidence!   The rest of us too tired- so Ruby just joined in by herself. 

I love these flower children

Elias was our stroller pusher-  He loved it.  We lost the handle to push it with- and so the lower bar is just his size.  What a great kid.

She is a little dancer! Loved dancing to the music at Folk Festivle.

Winnipeg Folk Festival was Fantastic!
It involved all of our favorite things, camping, biking, music, arts, Indian food...totally awesome event.

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