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Sad Isn't Bad


Happy Birthday Elizabeth! We miss you~



Madison Elizabeth Castle
I had  looked for you, waited for you. I just didn’t know this was your part A huge role you are playing baby girl Although your time on stage was short
I found you Elizabeth,  My wise Oak Tree Now, with your help, I am finding me.
You are helping me find my missing parts  and making me complete Showing me the best things of life honoring what’s most sweet
Living life with No Regrets Making the most of each day Elizabeth is printed on my heart And there you always will stay.
Reminding me to live in the moment To soak up the light when it shines To brave the darkness, allow the hurt This little little light of mine~
You’re teaching me to honor my dreams Your light within burns with hope Reminding me that Jesus redeems It is only through Him we can cope
To make the most of what we have To honor each moment we’re given You bring out the best in our family You are Peace, Love and Forgiveness
With the ones I have now, I will treasure my time  Your memories I will keep alive Knowing one day, ther…

Thanksgiving Point~ Utah, Fun with Cousins


Idaho- Grandpa and Grammy


Heart Shattered

Shock, fear, deep raw pain is in my heart today.
Sweet baby Elizabeth died in her sleep last night.

I can't believe it is real.  My baby is gone.

Heaven help me.  Please send Angels.