12 November, 2018

Veterans Day 2018

Our beloved neighbor Dick Taylor has become a dear friend.
Thank you for your service to our country Dick.

03 November, 2018

Elf- The Musical

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Elf is our FAVORITE movie.  We quote this movie often,  We had a delightful time at the Broadway musical.  As we were leaving with the huge slow moving crowd of people heading to our cars a small child was crying/tantruming.  RubyCatherine didn't skip a beat- as she announced to the crowd "She's an Angry Elf!" 

15 October, 2018

AVID Bird Watcher

Enrique Nacho Tigre Fernandez Castillo de Jesus
is the best birdwatcher of all the birdwatchers in this birdwatching house. 
And Frankly that is  A LOT of bird watching.

an avid mouse watcher. Perfectly happy, excited and
content to just watch the mice invade the house.


12 September, 2018

Rabbitstick 2018

We all had an amazing week making shoes, baskets, processing ducks, mushroom hunting,
swimming and fishing in the river-  at Rabbitstick in Idaho.  

27 August, 2018

Kittens, Kittens, Kittens!

We have been fostering these cute little orphaned kittens.  DELIGHTFUL work!

They needed to be socialized to humans so our job was to hold them as much as possible. 
Life can be difficult when you don't have two kittens cuddling up to your  neck.

Happy Thanksgiving~