29 October, 2009

October in Minnesota~

With Halloween coming Elias has been practicing his mean sounds and faces.

The sweetest apples I have ever tasted...the season was so perfect for apples this year!

We had fun outside raking up the leaves last week (October 21)

Playin the drums 04 October

Honey has stopped running away! She is a great dog! We all love her.

Making houses out of cushions, pillows and furniture is one of Elias's favorite passtimes~

24 September, 2009

The Poultry Palace

I recently built the addition onto the "Poultry Palace". The highlights include 3 more nest boxes, two more roosting beams, fully insulated with 1" extruded polystryene. To top it off I installed a green roof. It truly is a palace.

September Fun!

A Visit from two beautiful women Melanie and her mom Carrolle~

Papa built a big shed in our back yard!

Elias the big Pre-School boy!

31 August, 2009

Summer Lovin' Had Us a Blast,

Elias and Uncle Bret

Jackson Hole Parade

Relaxing at Grammy Lammy's

Elias loved holding my cousin's new baby~

09 August, 2009

Helping in the Garden

I taught a children's organic gardening class for the city this summer. It was the best thing I could have done! Elias was my best helper.

He knows exactly what to do with plants. Eric ordered these plants for our yard. As soon as Elias saw them he took them outside and planted them~ as you can see.

08 May, 2009

Sojourner Truth , Laura Ingalls Wilder, Rachel Carson, Harriet Tubman, Pocahontas

* Update *
We now have 6 healthy baby chicks. And they are ADORABLE! Elias loves to feed and water them. It has been a lot of fun. Now we are hatching Canada Geese eggs. A Canada Goose mother was killed yesterday and the nest of eggs was brought to my house. They are now incubating.

Our first two chicks! Hatched May 7th 2009~

Elias wants to crack all the eggs open and "get em out".
There are still several cracking their way out!
More pics to come.

02 May, 2009

Baby Chicks ...?

We (momma and elias) are incubating chicken eggs.
They are due to hatch May 6th.... aka Wednesday! We have been waiting patiently for almost 3 weeks (chicken gestation time). Turning the eggs several time daily, monitoring the tempeture and humidity. Hopefully our efforts will bring us some good hens (but mostly a great learning experience).

So, soon we will have 7...

So I need help! Naming my fine ladies.
Our grown hens are named:
Rosa Parks
Amelia Earhart

And we can't forget those who have died. RIP Ladies:
Mother Theresa
Susan B. Anthony (My favorite hen)
Joan of Arc
Anne Frank
Elenore Roosevelt

So, I am taking nominations for names. Please post suggestions or email them to me.

My first hatch will be Sojourner Truth

The down side of hatching our own eggs is that we may get some roosters. Not sure what I am going to do with them. I only keep girls. Any one want roosters?

24 April, 2009

Earth Day Events~

Eric lead a group of cyclists in a community effort bike ride for Earth Day~
"I hope this event will promote cycling as a viable alternative for getting around our community" Castle Check out our local paper

16 April, 2009

The Reverend Samuel "Billy" Kyles

We had the honor this week of spending time with Reverend Kyles a close friend to the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.. He gave a powerful presentation at the University. I think we were all moved to tears.

Tuesday we had the pleasure of having Rev. Kyles in our home. He played cards with Elias and discussed the last moments of Dr. Kings life with us. We hope to meet up with him in Memphis sometime soon. What a powerful experience.

Also, We celebrated Elias's 3rd birthday recently. He loved having all of his friends at the swimming pool to play with him especially Grandpa Lamb.

Goldie and Elias are best buds. Goldie lives on the next block so we get to play a lot.

Nana bug also came out to celebrate Elias's birthday! Fun times!

02 April, 2009

Mommy's Best Helper

Elias is such a good boy when I have client. I usually work for an hour a day. I put a movie on for him and he engages and watches it. It is his only TV time so he usually is pretty interested.

Well... Kipper the Dog movie ended 15 minutes early! So he made breakfast!
A whole dozen eggs for the two of us!

He is quite proficient at getting the yolk and egg white in the pan, shells on the counter top and very proud of himself, as you can see.

My baby boy turned 3 this week. Boo hoo! He will always be my baby though. He gives the best hugs and kisses. Eric and I are totally enjoying this fun new stage of development and discovery. He makes us smile everyday!

Eric (far left) really enjoys teaching and being actively involved at University.

Eric and Elias both love being outside. And good news! Sacajewia, Rosa Parks, Amelia Earhart, and Oprah all made it through the Minnesota winter!

20 February, 2009

X-Country Adventures with Papa~

Eric and Elias both LOVE the snow and playing in it! Honey our dog always goes along for the adventure too. They had fun cross country skiing around the park and our neighborhood.

This is Elias getting stuffed in the backpack! He loves riding on Papas back.

And they are off! Notice Honey the black spec in the photo running ahead of them...she is ever the runner! This is the view from our front door~

07 February, 2009


We had a great 2 weeks in Mexico(at Christmas)! Especially Elias. He LOVED the sand and water. And we loved watching him play. He and cousin Lincoln had so much fun together~

Elias Loves any kind of moving machinery. So ATV's are a natural fit.

Lincoln and Elias
Team work dude.

Eric and I caught a few waves~

We love visiting the children's home as always~

Happy Thanksgiving~