02 May, 2009

Baby Chicks ...?

We (momma and elias) are incubating chicken eggs.
They are due to hatch May 6th.... aka Wednesday! We have been waiting patiently for almost 3 weeks (chicken gestation time). Turning the eggs several time daily, monitoring the tempeture and humidity. Hopefully our efforts will bring us some good hens (but mostly a great learning experience).

So, soon we will have 7...

So I need help! Naming my fine ladies.
Our grown hens are named:
Rosa Parks
Amelia Earhart

And we can't forget those who have died. RIP Ladies:
Mother Theresa
Susan B. Anthony (My favorite hen)
Joan of Arc
Anne Frank
Elenore Roosevelt

So, I am taking nominations for names. Please post suggestions or email them to me.

My first hatch will be Sojourner Truth

The down side of hatching our own eggs is that we may get some roosters. Not sure what I am going to do with them. I only keep girls. Any one want roosters?
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