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Happy Birthday Babe!

I am so glad you were born- because we belong together! I pulled these carrots from the garden Saturday and they reminded me of us!

For your Birthday I have made an alphabetized list of things that I love about you! Anyone else who reads on may puke...just a warning.

Artistic: You are a true designer. Your creative mind comes up with beautiful designs that please clients and provide for your family. Your paintings and drawings are works of art. I love the sketch of my playhouse you gave me for Christmas years ago. I cherish the work you make for me. You have gifted hands.

Buzzband: You are my Buzz and my very best friend. I would be lost with out you.

Creative: You are truly and artist! You have a beautiful creative mind. You’re the Cat’s pajamas.

Dream boy: You are my Alaskan dream come true! I love the exciting places and things we do together. You make life a dream. I say I want chickens, you build me a coop, I say I want to live in China, we move to China. I say I want …

Good Night, I love you!

You might think he blinked in this picture- no, he is just really cheesy when he smiles for the camera.
Tonight after stories Elias made sure he got all his hugs and kisses. Then he made sure that mom and dad hugged and kissed too. He pushed our faces together and said "I love you". We love you too Elias!

It has been a long time since I last blogged...Times flies by so quickly. We have been busy. Eric has been very busy teaching. He loves his job though. I just wish we could spend more time with him. I am hoping things slow down after the first year of teaching. Eric is also sponsoring 2 clubs on campus. The Horticulture Club, and the Turf Club. So we have been hosting back to school BBQ's at our house the past few days. Elias loves all the people around.

I have been making Salsa, Tomato Sauce, and bread.
I have also started Teaching Yoga- and I LOVE it. I like it much more than teaching aerobics. It is just a better fit for me. Plus, I lacked the rhythm or mem…