16 April, 2009

The Reverend Samuel "Billy" Kyles

We had the honor this week of spending time with Reverend Kyles a close friend to the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.. He gave a powerful presentation at the University. I think we were all moved to tears.

Tuesday we had the pleasure of having Rev. Kyles in our home. He played cards with Elias and discussed the last moments of Dr. Kings life with us. We hope to meet up with him in Memphis sometime soon. What a powerful experience.

Also, We celebrated Elias's 3rd birthday recently. He loved having all of his friends at the swimming pool to play with him especially Grandpa Lamb.

Goldie and Elias are best buds. Goldie lives on the next block so we get to play a lot.

Nana bug also came out to celebrate Elias's birthday! Fun times!
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