20 December, 2011

Christmas time fun...

Elias loves our new Nativity.  He rearranges it multiple times daily.

Elias was a reverent Shepard in our church's outdoor live nativity.  The whole family had a great time participating, the donkey and baby lambs were the highlight.

Preparing the ginger bread to bake~

This is Brandon, the Elf on the Shelf~  He comes to our house every year after Thanksgiving.  He watches us closely and then reports back to Santa Clause each night.  We are always on our best behavior around Brandon.  When he returns to our house each morning he finds a new spot to sit and watch us.  We have fun trying to find him every morning.  

Need sugar?

Ruby Catherine, ready to go outside~

She is such a happy girl.  What a delight!
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