04 January, 2008

Top 10 in 2007

10 Ten hour road trip thru Yellowstone Park with my cousin’s from Spain- Now I REALLY want to move to Spain

9 Nine boy scouts in Eric’s Troop- He really enjoys being the Scout Master

8 Eight hens-a-laying! Susan B. Anthony, Sacagawea, Rosa Parks, Eleanor Roosevelt, Amelia Earhart, Anne Frank, Hilary and Oprah live in our back yard and lay wonderful fresh eggs for us daily - I LOVE my pet chickens!

7 Seven warm days in the Dominican Republic with Eric’s Family- It was a great vacation and we got to see where Jake served his mission

6 Six foster children lived in our home this year: Maria, Michael, Christina, Juan, Susanna and Shareena - We love getting to know these kids and their families

5 Five hundred new tricks performed by Elias- We Love watching him grow and discover. He is a biker and a reader- a total “I can do it myself man”

4 Four years in Kansas! A wonderful place to live

3 Three ½ Marathons Plus one DAM Marathon (the Teton Dam Marathon that is) 26.2 miles Ran by Heidi

2 Too Many Great Friends and Family members to count! We are blessed with wonderful people in our lives! Like you!
And the #1 highlight!!

1 One Little boy adopted and sealed to his family forever – Elias Jay Lamb Castle
Peace on Earth!
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