23 November, 2008

Elias and the Deer

Here is a censored picture of the deer that I "harvested" last week. It was a medium sized 8 point (4x4) white tail. I was able to field dress him by myself after watching many YouTube videos about the process. I was a little nervous that I was going to be too grossed out, because I felt that way when watching the videos. But when it came down to the business, it went pretty smooth. We have grilled up some steaks and made some roasts and we've come to the conclusion that venison is the new black- we love it. I'm hooked, I'm going next year. A word about the grouse - it was excellent, it went very nice with my alfredo sauce.

I've also included a picture of Elias at the fire station wearing his batman cape that Grandma Castle made for him. He loves wearing it.
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