12 January, 2017

Local Schools

I'm volunteering at a local school for a few hours each morning.  It has been a wonderful learning experience, both for me and my kids.  
Only Spanish is spoken at school.  
We are all increasing our vocabulary.

The best part though, is the FRIENDS! We have met so many wonderful kids and teachers.

So, as a special educator I have made several observations in this school here in Isle de la Piedre, Mexico.  It is interesting to me to see how other countries and cultures work with children, including those with special needs. 

There are a number of children with special needs at the school, some with physical disabilities and some with other challenges.  Just as in the states, some of the children need/benefit from having a paraprofessional in the classroom.   At this school most of the paraprofessionals are the parent or relative of the child with special needs, and if they are not, they are paid by the family of the child with special needs.  I am not writing to place judgement on their system in any way.  

I see pros and cons to this kind of system.  Pro: the child is working with someone who knows them and their specific needs well.  Con:  The child's parent is unable to get income during their time spent at the school which can lead to financial struggle.  The list could go on...   I just observe.  And the more time I spend in these classrooms the more I love the people.  
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