06 January, 2017

Here's to Adventures in 2017

Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it.  -Buddha

Our adventure continues.  We love Mexico.  Living in an RV has its pros and cons.  Overall we are pleased with our situation.  I really miss having a bath tub, but seeing the ocean from my kitchen table is truly a gift. 

The kids have met some friends.  At our trailer park there are kids who to attend the local school, so we decided to give it a try for a month.  Awesomeness.  I volunteer every day, helping with reading and English, and I also get to spend 1:1 time at the school reading with my kids.  It creates a nice structure in our daily routine. (one of the cons of our last location).  Life is good.  

In all situations there is opportunity for joy.  I hope I can focus my lens on the abounding joy around me.  We live on a little island somewhat isolated.  We ride a boat to town if we need something the market here doesn't have-  Or if we need Urgent Care because we just got stung by a Sting Ray.  The boat ride is about 8 minutes and costs 8 pesos.

The island is indigenous- owned by the native tribe.  No one can buy land on the island-  only rent or if you build a structure (ie house, restaurant, laudria) you do not own it..  The tribe owns it.  It is actually very interesting.   No one owns anything here unless they are native.  Most of the island is 3rd world living.  As I drove the kids to school this morning we passed a mother hen with a cluck of new baby chicks.  I ride my bike around a lot more here than I did in Mazatlan.  It is amazingly beautiful.  Definitely my favorite location so far.

Ruby Catherine was stung by a Sting Ray.
It was traumatic and painful.  The venom can cause serious reactions depending on the location of the sting, how deep the barb went it etc...  Ruby Catherine is fine.  We were at Urgent Care for several hours as she received an IV to counter act the venom.  Apparently this is a little more common here than in Minnesota.  Ha.  The doctor was a young (yet quite skilled) woman.  And health care here is incredibly cheap when compared to the US.

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