05 July, 2016

Road School Homeschool

Double Down Dog
Ruby Catherine and mom chillin at home.

We started school in June when the kids school year ended.  For the next year Eric and I are solely accountable for their education.   There is something really extraordinary about taking on that responsibility.  It is daunting, certainly not easy, yet, so rewarding.  I am excited and  nervous, but mostly excited.

As I work to create mindfulness in my own life, I am finding that as I engage in listening to the kids read I am really "in the moment", not distracted by my phone, or NPR, or anything.  Just listening.   There is something really amazing about the power of now,  I don't necessarily enjoy the content of  See Spot Run or  Pokemon comics, however, it is pretty wonderful to hear the sweet voices of my babies,  take in the sunshine, see their expression, and (my favorite)  their response to praise.  I can't think of a better feeling than seeing confidence and pride twinkle in the eyes of a child.

    So, living in a tiny space with minimal resources, spending your time working (teaching) for which your already paying taxes for someone else to do.  It isn't for everyone... Did I mention tight living quarters?  Well, surprisingly,  I am not alone.  I've found a whole community!

This is just one site that has been a good resource.

We spent a week in Idaho-  Elias studied Lewis and Clark's expedition through Idaho,  the Teton Dam disaster of 1976, and made DIY quivers to hold his arrows.  He is a pretty good shot these days. We had school lunch at the park most days, and played with cousins and friends everyday.

Ruby Catherine read 20+ books, chased many chickens, and played with numerous babies- her cousin baby Henry most of all.  She even got to assist in changing some diapers (her favorite thing in the world). For the last two Christmases she has asked for only one thing:  Diapers.   I have never known a 6 year old to be such a motherly type.  She engages with babies, plays with them, keeps them safe, and of course changes diapers.  Sometimes I wonder if she is the real mother of the family. We already know that she is the boss. And I love this little woman more than words could ever express.
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