10 May, 2010

Mother's Day~

The happiest little princess 16 weeks on Mother's Day~  

I had a great Mother's day.  Elias sang "Mother I love you" at church...and all the way home too.  I loved it. He also gave me flowers that needed to be planted.  So while Eric made dinner Elias and I planted the flowers.  Delightful Ruby sat on our swing and watched.  I went inside for a minute and when I came back out Ruby had an earth worm laying on her.  I looked at the worm, and then looked at Elias. This is our conversation.
Me: "Elias, there is a worm on Ruby".
Elias:  "yep".
Me: "How did your baby sister get a worm on her?"
Elias:  "It jumped on her".

So, if  any of you were wondering if worms can jump...now you know. 
Also, Elias's new favorite food is worm soup.  Here is a pic of him making it in our backyard.

Eric and Elias made these wonderful new composting bins. 

It is baby chick time again!  Our first hen Majora Carter hatched today!  She is beautiful. 
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