14 December, 2016

Schooling on the Road

Schooling on the road has gone better than I anticipated.  Before leaving I had concerns (not so mindful moments) about less than motivated children when it came to academic studies while living on the road.  I feel a weight of responsibility when it comes to providing a good education. I just want to help my kids to reach their highest potential.

Of course much of their education is simply the experiences they are having. One of the beauties of children is that they are always learning.  Whether we are spending a day at the beach or at the market great questions arise (eg how do Jelly fish sting people? How do I say "bathroom" in Spanish?, What kind of fish is that boat fishing for?).  Their questions lead to some fabulous educational dialogue-  and the best part is that they asked the question so they WANT to know (unschooling).

As for the more formal academics, we have gotten into a routine.  The kids do reading, writing, and math in the morning- then they have play time or experience based education- ocean time, or  their jungle fort, or mural painting.  All of which have created some great learning.

The Mural work is a refurbishment of some art that was fading and chipping away from years past.  We only have 3 paint colors to work with red, yellow and blue.  Mixing has been so educational and fun.  It is still a work in progress.

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