06 November, 2016

Apache Junction, Lost Dutchman State Park, Arizona- Poetry

Not many things
Living Small
Life is good
We’ve really got it all.

We have each other
We have each day
Peace at our core,
Finding our way.

Creativity, Imagination,
Spontaneity, Meditation.

Hikes in the desert.
Feet in the ocean.
Sun on our faces,
Mindful motion.

I know deep within
I don’t need any “thing”.
Simply seek further light
And just practice being.


As time passes by
A reality sets in.
The fear I once had of memories fading…  is happening.

Simple things that I never wanted to forget.
Like when you climbed up onto the kitchen table and ate an entire serving bowl full of pineapple.
Oh my sweet baby.  You earned your nickname “fruit bat”.

As these memories are getting further away from the surface I sense a distance.
A distance that stings me at the very core.

I want you baby.  I love you.  I wish I could hold you even if just for a moment.

And-  then I remember to come back to now.  Back to the moment.  
Live.  Breathe.  Be.
Elizabeth is printed on my heart, and there you always will stay-  And I will keep living, breathing, being.

I am strong.  I am a warrior.  
I live.
I breathe.

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