10 September, 2013

Ruby Catherine- Summer 2013

I am doing a post for each of the kids for this summer.  Others to follow.

Ruby Catherine is full of adventure-  She is busy, bossy, and oh so confident.  She knows that she is important and she is not afraid to tell you.  I love this child beyond measure, and she keeps me on my toes every second.

RubyCat's Top 10 List of Lessons Summer 2013
10.  Laying down to eat is more comfortable.

9.   Want to watch Dora and eat fruit snacks?  Get Braids.

Does anyone else see a little mischief in her eye in this pic?
I think she was up to something when I snapped this shot.

8. Sharing is optional (also-  see #10 eating while lying down on floor).
7. Do shoes really have a right and left foot?  Really?- still working on this one.

6. When she is nice to her  big brother he is usually nice to her.
5. She is willing to go "Old School" as long as there is lots of sugar involved.
4.  Major Daddy's girl.  She ADORES him.  Enough said.
3. Butterflies rock.  She definitely has her own opinions and makes her own choices.
We learned a lot about butterflies this summer-
and as soon as she got the chance she had her face painted like a butterfly.

 2. Wearing pants to breakfast is optional. And wearing big girl underwear is awesome.
1. She will make a great firefighter or whatever she decides to be when she grows up.
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