18 September, 2013

Elizabeth Gets a Mullet

Dear Ruby Catherine,
I know you are only 31/2 But heaven help me!  Was it really necessary to give your baby sister a mullet?  We have a big family event next week to celebrate Elizabeth's adoption.  Family and friends traveling thousands of miles, photographer lined up.. A mullet?  Really?  I know you saw me get my hair cut yesterday and it must have looked like a lot of fun.  It is a good thing that I adore you Ruby, because seriously, I DO NOT like the mullet.
Love, Mom
Ruby took the small braid twists I put in and cut the front ones off
near the scalp- leaving the back untouched.
Note my hand stretching out the remaining ringlets- 5 inches.

Some of the braided twists were cut off shorter than others.
Nice bald spot in this picture.

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