03 June, 2011


We will ALL miss Maria!
What a delight it has been to have her in our home! 
She promises to come back and visit
during university breaks.

This is one of the  plant holders
my Dad helped me weld last summer~
 I love them.
This year's hatch-lings ~  Hens or Roosters?  Wish I knew.
They are 5 weeks old in this picture.
The one in front is  

MadamThérèse Peltier

(First woman to pilot an aircraft- this chick can FLY!).

A perfect day for a little Rhubarb Lemonade!
Rhubarb grows  like the wind here in the  Northland
Enjoying a little shade on our backyard swing.
 Ruby loves her big brother... She also loves to tattle on him
How do you get a sun hat on this girl?
Contain Two-puff?  I don't think so...
I painted the shed  Eric put together...
and planted white tulips in front.  I love tulips.
This bird house my Aunt Vicki and Gary made for us for Christmas~
 It is the LAMB CASTLE~
Note the castle shape with all the little Lambs peeking out.
This year a family of Chickadees are making it home.
This is the Chicken Palace that Eric built.
The green roof  REALLY added  extra insulation this winter.
I painted the inside a light green for my fine ladies to enjoy.

Lovely Maria at her birthday party~

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