24 June, 2011

Korea's Got Seoul~ ~ . . . . . . . . . ~ Season 2 with the Kids

Its great to be TWINS Fans in USA and Korea.

JS and Elias at the TWINS Game!

Wow.  What do you do with a 1 year old on a subway in Seoul?  
Rush hour , totally packed.  Ruby  loves to get into  other peoples hand bags,
 pull on their umbrellas,
and my favorite...lift up their skirts.
Ruby Catherine, I love you!
Luckily, it seems that every Korean we meet also loves Ruby (and Elias).
Strangers are constantly giving my kids candy and playing with them.
 It is very endearing.

The two headed turtle was my favorite.  It was really cool.
Colter , this picture is for you! : ) 

The highlight of Ruby's trip the the Aquarium were the Alligators and little buddies to play with. 
Elias's Favorite were the Sharks!

Korean BBQ with some new friends that Elias loves, They are wonderful.

3D works in the Mall caught our attention.
 Elias was swatting at the  leaves and bubbles.  : ) 

Seoul has a wonderful Aquarium for Children.
We had a biology lesson over lunch.  Dissected octopus, counted legs and  then ate it.
Mmm ..mmm  Good.   Requires a little extra chewing action, and I prefer it cooked.
The stuff that still moves around my plate is a little rare for my liking.

Twas the night before we left home~
and we all needed a little break from packing...
 So we started Family Band . Eric on percussion and Elias on guitar.

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