01 March, 2010

Tiny, Little, bundle

Elias is the proudest big brother ~  I really thought there would be some jealousy issues, but he is absolutely delighted with his baby sister.

Jannae celebrated her 18th birthday!  Elias and I made a cake for her party. Note the chocolate mustache.

Ruby 4 days old~

3 weeks~  She is growing so quickly.

5 weeks, she is more and more alert everyday.  She is beginning to smile more often.  I love it!

6 weeks~ She is my little angel.  I just want to kiss her little cheeks all the time.

8 Weeks!  She is smiling and cooing. But not sleeping though the night~ She is definitely the family sweetheart.
10 weeks~  She has grown so so much in the last 2 weeks.. Its amazing.  So fun to watch her develop and begin to interact more.  We love you so much Ruby!

3 months  

2 pics of her at 14 weeks~

14 Weeks~ Our sweet Ruby smiles all the time.  She is getting to be our little butter ball weighing in over 12 pounds.  She is really doing well sitting up and holding her head.  She sits in her highchair and watches me work in the kitchen.  She is my baby doll, I love her so much. 

16 weeks
19 weeks and 20 weeks

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