03 May, 2016

Two Years

Two years ago my light went dim 

Now my now takes courage 

I travel the dark, the grim. 

Your spirit is near me, yes its true. 

Still, I long to hold you baby blue, 

To look in your eyes, to kiss you goodnight 

It’s in a different realm, I feel your light. 

You’re not dim. 

You’re flame is not dark. 

I endeavor to see every spark. 

The gifts you bring, 

Help mend my soul 

Add peace to my being 

Make me Whole. 

Before I knew your gentle love 

I was partially empty. 

A cup half full. 

I am a better person 

because of you. 

Though, your Earth life short 

Your spirit lives on, 

Your light shines through

Peace, Love, Support 

As I’ve watched others suffer losses deep 

I wondered as I watch them weep. 

Is it really better to have loved and lost? 

I know now, Love is worth the cost. 

You teach me to honor my dreams 

Your light burns with hope 

Reminding that Jesus redeems 

It is only through Him we can cope. 

So, when I long to hold you. 

When my moments are grim. 

I try to remember we’ll be together again. 

I love you Madison Elizabeth. 

And still I thank God for you everyday. 

Love, Mama
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