16 June, 2015


Morning hike in the Colorado Mountains.
We woke up in our Sheep Camp next to the Colorado River, and walked outside to find we were at the trail head.

The hike was amazingly beautiful.
 We found a family of baby marmots playing by their mother.  Water so clear youcould see the fish 10' below, and a waterfall shooting out of a cliff.  Off to a good start of the day.

RubyCatherine begged Dad to hold her over the water to see the fish under the wooden walk way.

Rocky Mountain High, Colorado.

Quick rest.  It was a long hike for the grown ups, and a REALLY long hikd for little legs.

5944 Indore-  The old Castle-  Home Sweet Home to Eric for many years.

We attended Church in Littleton, Colorado.

Columnbine Memorial, Littleton, Colorado

We are getting to know our new home, and having a lotof fun learning this lifestyle.

Oregon Trail Museam

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