09 January, 2015

09 January 2015

My dog’s name is Honey, and let me tell you what… she is a honey.  Seriously a good dog.  Exactly one year ago today I took Honey to the Vet in Red Lake Falls for her annual Rabies vaccination,  in order to keep her inoculated I had to take her in again before one year was up.  
Today, January 9, 2015 I got on the road to RLF with Ruby Catherine and Honey in the back seat.  It didn’t hit me until we were all loaded in the car. The January sun was shining brightly and reflecting off the bright white snow just like it was one year ago today.
Was it the brightness blinding me or the tears welling up in my eyes?  The absence of my little girl is a pain that I can’t find words to describe. 
I re-lived every detail of the experience we had one year ago today.  I never would have guessed that Lizzy had just a few months left to live.  She was dancing in her car seat, she knew how to move.  We listened to one of her favorite songs Honey, Honey, by Abba from the Mama Mia sound track.  The girls loved that Honey (the dog) was in the car with us as we sang “her song”.

I miss you baby girl.  Mama loves you.

Ruby Catherine asked Santa Clause to bring her 3 things.  A baby, diapers, and wipes.  On Christmas morning she promptly let us know that her new baby doll is named Madison Elizabeth just like her baby sister.  She takes her doll EVERYWHERE, feeds her, reads her stories and changes her diapers.
As I walked into the veterinarian clinic, Honey, Ruby Catherine, and dolly Elizabeth were all with me.

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