06 May, 2013

May 2013- A Visit to the Twin Cities

I wouldn't call myself a hockey mom- but living in MN we do get our  fair share of  NHL exposure.
Go Minnesota Wild!

Elias and Flat Colter-  Hockey Arena in St Paul

The Hockey Lodge-  Excell Energy Center-  Home of the Minnesota Wild  NHL
Elias after enjoying an ice cream cone from the best joint in St Paul.

Children's' Science Museum-  Elias and Mom live on the Air~

Loves being carried in her pack!  Boy do I love that smile.

Elias and Flat Colter at the Science Museum

More fun at the Museum-  Love St Paul

Ruby Catherine and Elias in St Paul enjoying some fun with Charile Brown and friends downtown.
Charles Schultz was born and raised in the Twin Cities.

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