25 October, 2012

Fall Happenings 2012

We love the Tooth Fairy

Ruby and our beloved Nette

Cinnamon Bear and Elias can be a little on the grumpy side in the  AM.
Grandma Laura- who we have adopted comes over on Thursday afternoons.
She reads to the kids and keeps us company.
Best mess maker on Earth... I am pretty sure.
And I love her more than life itself.
Show and Tell-  Elias's class shared a chore they do at home.
Elias brought in Amelia Earhart- one of his jobs is to put the chickens back in their coop when they fly out.
Amelia is famous for her flights.
He bought and prepared the material and built it in my garage Grandpa Lamb is Amazing-
 I just emailed him a picture of what I wanted -
I will post a final picture when I decide what color paint.
Pottery Barn image that I sent to Grandpa a few weeks ago.
Gramy Lamby was so helpful at Elias's Halloween Party

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