17 March, 2012

It seems that Spring has Sprung in Northern Minnesota!

Mama and Elias are tapping maple trees, collecting sap, to make maple syrup.  

Eric helped by drilling holes in the trees and installing taps.

We had a wonderful visit from Grandma and Grandpa Castle.

Wendy made delicious breadsticks.

Elias and Jesse really enjoyed the cheesey bread.

Aunt Hayley is Very fun to play with!

We got to visit our favorite farm!  The weather has been remarkably warm.
We love it!  But hope our fruit trees will still produce.  

A baby cow was born just as we arrived at the farm.  Beautiful in the morning light.  We love visiting Klawitter Farms~  

Ruby got to wear her mud boots.  

And we brought our chickens home, we missed them this winter.
It is nice to have fresh eggs from our own back yard again.  
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